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Hermit Crab Story Book

Children's Book

We've spent the time to gather all the important hermit crab information and compiled it into our hermit crab book that we've written & illustrated ourselves. This children's book is illustrated and written in rhyme. It takes you on a little adventure and tells you all that you need to know about your hermit crab. Essentially it is a children's handbook for hermit crabs.

Choya Wood

Choya Wood

Spruce up your hermit crabs home with choya wood. All natural, made from dried cactus, the choya woods design make it perfect for hermit crabs to climb. It comes in 3"- 4" pieces and longer.

Palm Trees

Palm Trees

Our Palm trees give every hermit crab home a tropical feel. Molded from plastic, our palm tree are offered with a weighted bottom or just a plastic bottom.

Mister Bottle

Misting Bottle

Misting bottles are a convenient way to have access to water immediately . Small enough to store, it's important to mist your hermit crab when its hot out. Not only does the water cool off your crab, but it keeps their backs moist and gives them a quick drink too.



Our cardboard totes make perfect transportation box. They store flat, and simply unfold into a box. They are great for customers who are just buying crabs or just prefer to keep their crab separate from their cage until they arrive home.

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